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We start our day in the bathroom preparing for the coming busy day, and we need a sufficient amount of light. We see our own image only in the mirror, and it is very important that we have an objective and realistic idea of how we really look like. The type of lighting depends on the size of your bathroom and on your personal taste. Basically there are three types of bathroom lighting – task, general and accent lighting. Task lighting is oriented to the places where you are doing shaving, teeth-brushing, make-up. The purpose is to have these spots as bright as possible in order to perform your tasks carefully. This main task can be achieved by the help of a vanity mirror. Usually vanity mirrors hold many bulbs and that make them well lit in order to do your main activities in the bathroom. The other type of lighting is general lighting. In this case you light the whole bathroom. This lighting is not concentrated to a definite place. You can use recessed lighting in the ceiling, and that will make your bathroom lit regularly. The other type of lighting for your bathroom is accent light. In most cases this lighting is used to make accent to some decorative objects. The purpose of this lighting is mostly decorative. It gives accent to some lit objects which are being more clearly seen. This last type of lighting is more suitable for larger bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom you cannot afford having accent lighting which main purpose is to have a decorative effect on the room.

A good idea is also to have bathroom vanity lights. This light is very important for the period of the day when there is not enough natural light in the bathroom. Bathroom vanity lights admit a few lights above the mirror. Artificial light is very important especially if there is no window in your bathroom.
One of the most necessary elements of your bathroom is the mirror. There is a great choice of bathroom mirrors on the market. Your selection depends on the desired size, style and the overall furniture of the bathroom. You can choose traditional, casual, extravagant or modern mirrors. There are also mirrors with frames or frameless mirrors. The frames could be a nice decorative addition to your bathroom. Depending on the style of the bathroom you can choose antique, bronze, hand-painted or other interesting frames. Mirrors could also be of different shapes – round, rectangular, oval etc.

When you decide how to organize your bathroom lighting, it comes time to choose and place the bathroom lamps. If your idea is to light the entire bathroom without a specific target or without concentrating the light to a certain area you can choose hanging lamps. There is a great choice of hanging lamps in different colors, styles and shapes. If you want to provide more light on a certain place, where to have more concentration of light, wall lamps will be the best choice. Wall bathroom lamps are very practical especially if they lit the area where you shave or put your make-up. They can be installed easily and also can be a nice decorative element to your bathroom. Another good idea for nice bathroom decoration is to install colored lamps. They will make your bathroom very beautiful and chic. No matter what types of lamps you are going to place, be careful to choose only products with a high level of protection. Bathroom is a place with high humidity and moisture, so the lamps that you are choosing must meet the specific bathroom requirements. You have to use low voltage systems which can easily adapt to high voltage network with a transformer.

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