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Each bathroom furnishing bears the style and the impact of its owners. But no matter what type of style you are going to choose, you cannot leave your bathroom without a mirror. Mirror is an important element of each house. You have to see your image here when you prepare for going out. In the bathroom you do some everyday actions like shaving, putting make-up, and the proper mirror is of great importance.

The mirror in the bathroom helps you prepare for the day and to see your entire look. It also is a nice decorative element. There is a great choice of mirrors in the shops. You have to think in advance what type exactly you need. Do not buy the first mirror that you find nice and beautiful. A bathroom mirror could be very attractive and beautiful in general, but it may not match your personal bathroom style. Choose a mirror that will go well with the style of your bathroom. If your bathroom is in antique style, you have to choose a mirror with antique and beautiful frames, for example. If your bathroom is in modern style, you can choose a frameless mirror in a more untypical and even extravagant shape. Think carefully in advance where you are going to put the mirror. Usually the bathroom mirror is placed above the sink. In this case you have to consider very attentively the shape and the design of the mirror with those of the sink. Follow the style and the design of the sink and of the other neighboring elements. Do not ignore functionality when choosing your bathroom mirror. Think about what actions you are doing in the bathroom, and you will get a reply where to place it. If you dress in the bathroom, you need a large mirror in order to see your whole image. If you only shave, put your make-up inside, you need a smaller mirror but with sufficient amount of light in order to have a clear vision of your face when doing your everyday actions. If you have children and they also use the mirror, you must consider the level of placing it with the height of your kids.
The choice of the mirror must also be considered with the type and quantity of light. The choice of lamps and mirrors are connected with each other and must be done together.

If you have a small bathroom, mirror is an option to make it look larger. Putting bathroom mirror lights is a challenging work and when placing them you have to consider a few details. Their basic role is to eliminate the shadows in the bathroom, especially if there is no window inside. Avoid frosted light bulbs and also accessories made of glass. You must use mostly illuminated bathroom mirror lights.
The height of the bathroom mirror is also of great importance. If you want to make your bathroom look larger, choose a big mirror that will cover the whole wall. If your style is minimalist, choose a small decorative mirror with a beautiful frame and put it on the wall.
Na matter what mirror you are going to choose, first consider the following details: the overall style of bathroom furniture, the lighting in the bathroom, the size of the bathroom. As everything else in our house, mirror in the bathroom is not an accessory by itself. It must match the whole environment and serve us functionally as well.

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