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There are many things that you have to consider when start to furnish your bathroom. An important decorative accessory is the bathroom rug. There is no doubt that just one small piece of fabric can change entirely the look of your bathroom. The ideal bathroom rug is not the most expensive and the most luxurious one. The perfect rug is the one that best suits your needs, style and the overall look of the bathroom. There are many types of bathroom rugs that you can find in the market – trendy, modern, classic or extremely luxurious ones.
When selecting the rug for your bathroom you have to consider the entire style of furnishing of the bathroom, how many people use it, the age of people using the bathroom.
A rug may convert your bathroom into a fresh, green place if you choose a rug with tropical or other floral motifs, for example. If the colors of the bathroom are dark, or pastel, you can add more color by placing a rug in a very bright color.
Besides the color, there are some other items you have to consider when choosing your bathroom rug. Measure the space where you are planning to put it. There are standard bathroom rugs. There are other rugs which are a little bit larger and cover a bigger space. Regarding the size of your bathroom and the area that you desire to cover, you will choose the most appropriate size for you.
Bathrooms rugs may be found made of different materials. You have to think in advance which material will be the most suitable for your. Even if you prefer natural materials you have to know that cotton rugs will shrink and also show lint. Cotton is not suitable material for such type of a rug. There are some cotton types of very high-quality which do not have these disadvantages as the standard cotton. The most often used materials for bathroom rugs are polyester and nylon. Another material that you can use, especially if you want to add some tropical touch, is the bamboo.
The bathroom rug must match the entire furniture of the bathroom, especially the curtains and towels. It is important to choose the material for your rug regarding also who is going to use the bathroom. If there are young children in your home, the rug must be completely washable. In this case you may also choose a rug with funny images and bright colors. You may also put a rug of plush which will give you a real comfort when you step over it.
When choosing the bathroom rug, do not underestimate functionality. The rug must be easy for cleaning and maintenance. When you buy your rug, read carefully how it could be cleaned. The best way is if you can put it into the washing machine. Read the restrictions on the care label and what the most suitable temperature for washing is. There are some rubber-backed types of rugs which cannot be dried in a dryer and they cannot be put in the washing machine. Of course, all types of rugs must be cleaned with a vacuum-cleaner regularly.

When going to choose your bathroom rug, do not buy the first rug that you see and like in the shop. Consider what style you need, what the best material is and how you are going to maintain it clean. Then you will get the right one which will be the best bathroom rug and will make your place look better and give you enough comfort and relax.


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