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Toilet is an important part of your bathroom. Very often we underestimate its significance and do not realize its really important role in our house. As a part of the bathroom furniture toilet must be carefully chosen in order to match the overall style of the place. You may have a separate toilet room, or you may have it as a toilet area in your bathroom. In both cases toilet accessories are important part of the toilet furniture.

There are toilets in different colors, materials, styles and prices. You have to select the most suitable one for your bathroom and for your needs. Toilets consist of a construction of one or two pieces. In the toilets of one-piece construction the tank and bowl merge into one single unit. In the two-piece toilets the tank and the bowl are separated. Both types have their advantages and shortages. The one-piece toilet is more expensive in general, but it is easier for cleaning. Usually the one-piece toilet includes a seat while two-piece toilet does not include a seat. There are other types of toilets – wall-mounted toilets. They are very convenient if you have a small bathroom and not enough space for toilets. But the wall-mounted toilets are quite expensive and hard for being installed.
There is a great variety of different accessories for the toilets. You will select the most appropriate ones that will match your bathroom. Toilet bowls could be elongated or round in shape. Toilet seats also may be of different materials. You can choose among wood, plastic seats. There are also cushioned seats, contoured seats, or even heated seats for more comfort.
You can also choose among different sizes of the toilet trap which carries away the contents of the bowl. You can also choose among different sizes of the flush valve that sits at the inside base of the tank and regulates water flow into the bowl. Experts’ advice is always to choose “the bigger”.

It is necessary that your toilet area always be clean and functional. In order to maintain it clean, it is important what accessories you will choose. Tidy toilet area is important not only for your good mood, but also for keeping it clean and with no bacteria. Choose the appropriate accessories which will be easy for cleaning and maintenance. You can choose between freestanding toilet and a toilet which is mounted to the wall. If you prefer to keep everything off the floor, choose toilet brush which is wall mounted. If you like all details in your bathroom to be on their right places, choose compact toilet paper holders. If you do not have a place for the storage of toilet paper, choose a toilet paper holder with extra paper storage. Do not ignore the waste basket. There are different types of waste baskets in materials, shapes and colors. Choose the right one which will match the style of the other accessories, but at the same time a functional one. If you want to make it easier, you can buy a set of toilet accessories. In this way you will have everything in single style and you will not have to go searching each item.

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