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We use towels in our home with different purposes and in different types. We use kitchen towels, towels for face, hands, feet etc. Bathroom towels are important part of the bathroom design in general. Bathroom towels are usually placed on a bar. That makes them easy for being used and also easy for putting them before and after their usage. Bathroom towel racks are also important accessories in the bathroom. They serve not only as a means where we will put the towels, but also as a decorative accessory. Towels are usually folded vertically in half and placed on the towel rack. Towel bars give us a chance to have the towels stored while hanging. It is very convenient to have towel racks and put the wet towels here. If you put the wet towels folded on the floor, they will mildew very soon. But if you put the wet towels on the bathroom towel bars that will allow the air to circulate and the towels will dry without mildewing. It is important to choose the right and the most proper place for putting the towel rack. The towel bars must be placed at a convenient place, so you can easily reach the towels after going out of the shower or a bath-tub. Towel bar may be at a convenient place close to the sink.
It is a good idea if you can use paper hand towels. If there are many people in your household and hand towels are often used, the towels will spread a lot of germs. Paper towels are very convenient because they do not spread so many germs as the fabric ones. If you choose to have paper hand towels, you can put decorative paper towel holders which match the style of furnishing of your bathroom in general. Paper towels are also useful if you have a guest bathroom which is going to be visited by new people. You can add some joyful atmosphere by taking paper towels in floral or interesting geometrical motifs.
When you buy towels for your bathroom it is better to choose a towel set. The towel set consists of matching towels in different sizes. It may consist of only bath, hand, face towels. It may also consist of more towel types as washcloth, fingertip towels. You can also make your own towel set of towels when buying the towels individually and match them. It may be cheaper to buy a few towels separately and make your own set. But you have to select towels that match into one another and that are of the same style and material. There are also bathroom towels that are used only as decorative purpose. Decorative towels are usually smaller in size and thinner, and they are used only for decoration. But if your bathroom is too small and there are no enough places for standard towels and for decorative ones, you may choose towels in beautiful floral or other motifs which will serve as decoration as well.
If there are children in your family, you must put kids’ towels in the bathroom. Some children do not like water and do not like to have shower. In order to make them happy when going to the bathroom, choose pretty towels with cartoon heroes or other favorite images to make them like bathing.


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