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Relaxing in a bathtub after a busy day is probably the best way for recovering. Bathtub is an inevitable part of a modern bathroom. It is difficult to realize that bathtub is quite a new innovation in modern life. The first bathtubs appeared at the beginning of the 20-th century. The first bathtubs were considered to be l a real luxury, and mostly the more well-off families could install them in their houses. Nowadays bathtubs are not a luxury; they are part of our bathroom and a good way for relaxing.
Bathtubs differ in material, color, style, size, shape. Probably the most often used bathtub is the three-wall alcove or recessed bathtub. It has walls on three sides. Since only one of the sides is visible, only one side must be finished. But in case the bathtub will double as a shower, the walls must be waterproof. Another type of bathtub is the corner one. It is a triangular in shape and also has only one visible side. The other sides are against the walls. There is another type of bathtub – a freestanding one. It stands alone on feet or in a base. If you choose to have in your bathroom a freestanding bathtub, it must be the focal point of the place. It will change the entire furniture and look of the bathroom itself.
If you choose the combination of bathtub/shower, you have to put a diverter valve which switches from one function to another. That combination includes a showerhead, a shower arm and also a diverter. If you choose tub-only packages, it usually goes together with a hand shower – which is a deck-mounted showerhead and is attached to the end of a flexible hose. Hand showers are very functional, especially if there are children in your household.
When choosing your bathtub, do not forget the small details and decoration. Bathtub must be not only functional for using it, but also attractive and good looking. For this reason choosing the most appropriate faucets is very significant. Tub faucets may be mounted on the deck or on the wall. There is a great variety of faucets in style, color and finishes. You have to choose the best ones that will match your entire bathroom furniture. The handles for the sinks and showers must be in the same style. The most quality tub fittings are made of brass. They are a little bit more expensive than the plastic ones, but will last longer. Choose brass faucets with the most suitable finishes for your complete decoration. The finishes may be in chrome, powder-coated enamel or plated with nickel, gold or bronze.
The material that bathtub is made of is also of great importance. Here are the most commonly used types. Acrylic bathtub is a good suggestion. It is naturally lustrous like glass. This material is non-staining and does not fade. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Acrylic is a perfect material for different shapes of tubs as well. Porcelain bathtubs are heavy and expensive. They are easily scratched and difficult for maintained. Marble bathtubs look great and are more expensive than the acrylic ones. They are not very convenient because even the heaviest marble bathtub can crack from thermal shock Fiberglass bathtub is strong and cheaper than the other materials. It can be turn into almost every shape and color. It is easy for cleaning and maintenance.
When choosing the bathtub for your place there are just a few things you have to consider in advance: the right place of the tub, the most adequate size, the most proper material, the faucets and other small elements that will make your bathroom good looking and functional for using.

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