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Furnishing your own bathroom can be an interesting and enjoyable work. It’s your own choice to select the style you like, the bathroom furniture, accessories. Bathroom vanities occupy a large area of the bathroom and are of great importance for the comfort and good look of the room. When choosing your bathroom vanities there are a few factors that you have to consider. Choose the desired bathroom vanities regarding the bathroom space. Most bathrooms are quite small in size and you usually put small bathroom vanities. You may also put large bathroom vanities even in a small bathroom. But in this case probably you will not have enough space for placing some other elements like trashcan, or leaving an empty space for cleaning. Nevertheless, you can put large bathroom vanities even in a small bathroom. In this way you will have the opportunity to gather all bathroom elements inside the vanities.
There are different styles of bathroom vanities. You have to choose the style that matches your entire style of bathroom furniture. If your bathroom is in modern style, the most appropriate vanities will be made of glass, nickel or chrome. If you have an antique or classic bathroom your bathroom vanities would look nice if they are made of marble or granite.
If there are many people living in your household, especially if there are young children, you may put double bathroom vanities. That will give you more space for storage of towels and toiletries and also that will allow you to keep everything in the bathroom better organized.
Bathroom sinks are an important part of the whole bathroom furniture. The basin may be fixed on the wall with brackets which does not require vanities for installation. Wall sinks are very convenient because they save a lot of space and also they give minimalist look of the entire bathroom. Other types of basins are vanity basins. They are fit into vanity counters or console sinks. These basins are not separate elements. They can be complimented by the vanity in order to create a functional bathroom experience.
Bathroom vanity units can be found in different sizes and styles. It is your choice which one you will choose following your own taste and needs. There are vanity units in antique style which are very stylish and chic. You can also select for your bathroom wood vanity units with ceramic or porcelain sinks. If you prefer more modern style you can choose glass vanity units. There are also different options of colors. Mixing colors can add more style and different atmosphere into your bathroom. If you want to add more artistic style into your bathroom you can choose bathroom vanities in two contrasting colors – white and black for example. Another idea for artistic and modern style is to put a single sink on top of a black sculpture type base.
Usually vanities go with matching sinks or basins. But nowadays the more fashionable design allows you to make your own choice and match vanities and sinks of different materials. That gives you a lot of choice and opportunity to realize your own ideas and vision of style.

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