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PostHeaderIcon Decorating With Bathroom Wall Decals

The bathroom can be one of the more difficult rooms in the house to decorate. For one, space is limited. Any non-essential furnishings must be kept small and out of the way, and there are only so many shelves you can put up before the room starts to become cluttered.

One thing many people ignore when it comes to bathroom decor? The walls! Aside from a fresh coat of paint and a few picture frames, the good majority of homeowners will leave their bathroom walls bare and boring. Luckily, today’s advancements in the world of peel and stick wall decals can help make your bathroom pop. These easy-to-apply wall stickers come in a wide variety of colors and styles, including some designed specifically to work with bathroom decor.

Bathroom wall decals come in varying shapes and sizes. You can go with smaller applique kits (consisting of 15-40 individual decals) or larger, more dramatic vinyl portraits that can be used to decorate bigger areas. There are some amazing wall window murals that can instantly open your bathroom wall into a lush, Tuscan valley, or even full-size wallpaper applications that run floor to ceiling, creating a more dramatic effect.

Some people, when decorating their bath, will also go with a theme. One of the more popular choices for bathrooms is the sealife or undersea theme. The idea here is to paint your walls a lighter shade of blue, and then accent the room with sealife-themed decor such as sea shells, shell soaps, a shower curtain of fish and sea creatures, etc… While this works, you can create a much greater undersea “feel” by decorating the walls as well. There are some very popular fish-themed wall decor, including entire undersea packages that allow you to decorate your bathroom with dozens of individualized, colorful sea creatures. You can also buy fish wall decals piece by piece, picking and choosing which colors or creatures you want to invite into your bathroom, or that go the best with your existing decor.

When decorating with an undersea theme, you’ll also need to decide whether to go realistic or cartoonish. For kids bathrooms, you can generally get away with a more playful feel. There are peel and stick vinyl decals depicting happy, smiling fish, sharks, divers, and octopuses. Since these decals can be removed and repositioned an unlimited number of times, you can let your little one decorate with you, without the fear of making a mistake. For final touches, add some taupe or beige color to represent sand at the base of your wall, then paint in some long, wavy strands of seaweed. This will really give your child’s bathroom the feel of being under water.

Another extremely popular bathroom theme seems to be seashells. To differentiate yourself from every other seashell bathroom you’ve ever been to, you’ll want to accent your walls. There are a ton of shell-themed removable wall stickers, in a whole variety of seashell styles. Scallops are always the most recognizable, but you can also decorate with clam shells, spiraled snail shells, beautiful conch, and lots more. Sea shell decals go best when used to border something like a mirror or medicine cabinet. They also make an excellent wall border, when used up near the ceiling.

Finally, speaking of wall borders, there are a whole host of borders available to help your bathroom project. Some, like the vinyl decals, are peel and stick, and these can be simply removed from their protective backing and smoothed right onto the upper wall. Others are prepasted. Unlike messy wallpaper that requires glue and a brush, these only need to be dipped in water – or brushed with a wet sponge – before being applied. Prepasted wall borders are not reusable or repositionable, but they can be removed with little fuss and, just like their vinyl counterparts, will leave your walls undamaged.

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