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Nowadays having a TV in the bathroom is not yet a luxury. That becomes more and more popular in modern homes. Some people are afraid to put a bathroom TV in the bathroom and they think this is a very strange and expensive idea.
If you spend a lot of time in your bathroom and you like not to miss the news or some other interesting TV shows, why not placing a TV in your own bathroom. A bathroom TV is not more expensive than a standard TV set for your kitchen or living-room. Besides the thinking that TV set in the bathroom is expensive, many people think that bathroom TV set is not safe. If you put in your bathroom an ordinary TV set which is not especially designed for a wet environment, it will not be very safe. The damp can damage your TV. But there are special TV sets designed for bathrooms which are very safe and reliable.
A perfect choice for your bathroom is the mirror TV. The mirror TV looks like a normal mirror when the lights are bright. But when your turn off the lights and switch on the TV you will find a TV screen in front of you. Bathroom mirror TV is on interesting and stylish decision to “hide” the technology in your bathroom when the TV is not in use.

You will see soon how great is the pleasure of sitting in your bath-tub and watching at the same time your favorite programs on your mirror bathroom TV. The bathroom mirrors TV-s are designed to be waterproof and also to be protected against the heat and humidity of the wet environment.
You will see that a waterproof TV is much more expensive than a standard flat screen TV set. When choosing the TV set for your bathroom, you have to answer to yourself where you want to watch TV – while you are sitting in the toilet or while you are in the bath-tub. A TV in the bathroom may not be large as most people suppose. If you have a small bathroom you can place a small bathroom TV. You can also put an LCD TV set. The main requirement is that the TV must be waterproof.
A bathroom TV will remodel your bathroom entirely and will give a totally new and luxurious. The bathroom TV installations became easier and much more creative so it is not that strange nowadays to have a TV set in your bathroom. When you start searching for a proper TV set for your bathroom you have to see if it owns definite features. The greatest problem for a TV in the bathroom is water. Water may go into the TV and damage it. A waterproof bathroom TV must be chosen for this reason. Waterproof TV sets are practically sealed units which do not let the moisture inside. They are similar to the standard TV sets in appearance. Another important feature of the bathroom TV set is the proper screen. Because of the humidity and water inside the TV screen may become covered with steam which condenses on the surface. When water condenses on the TV screen it will be difficult to watch. That is why you need your TV screen in the bathroom to be heated. The heat will help the water not to condense and will solve the problem with unclear screen. You remote control must also be waterproof. Do not forget it.


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