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PostHeaderIcon Types of Doors: A Basic Guide

Doors are a very important part of a building. It offers passage when opened and privacy and security when closed. Doors can be single-leaf or double-leaf and can have glass panels or lites. They can be made of different materials based on building requirements and desires of the owner. Over the course of history, doors have been a significant part in people’s lives and thus, they must be regarded as important in any building or renovation project. Doors are basically divided into categories based on the type of mechanism and material used. Doors can be hinged, sliding and rotating. Depending on the amount of use it will serve, a door can be made of wood, stainless steel, composite materials or PVC. Additionally, doors can be made in a simple or ornate design, whichever fits the architecture of the building and the preferences of the owner. Type of Doors Among the most common types of doors are French door, flush door, swing door, Dutch door, patio door and louvred door. French doors can identifiable by their distinct design. They consist of several ‘lites’ or glass panels surrounded by a frame. They can open inwards and outwards and provides a good view of the outdoors. The flush door has a completely smooth finish. It is made of plywood or MDF that is fixed on a lightweight timber frame. The flush door is mainly used in interior applications due to its light weight. A swing door typically uses a hinge that enables it to open on both sides of the doorway and close on its own with a spring. Swing doors are usually depicted in cowboy movies with the use of Saloon doors or batwing doors. The Dutch door is also called a half door or stable door. It is divided horizontally into two, with the top half opened independently from the bottom half. The Dutch door was originally used in stables to enable feeding of animals while keeping them inside the stables. A patio door is common in many houses and placed at the back or side of the house. It is also called a sliding glass patio door. A patio door typically has a door that slides open. Sometimes, a screen is included to keep insects out. A louvred door is commonly seen in wardrobes and drying rooms. It has fixed or horizontal slats that maintain privacy and ventilation while keeping light from entering the interior.

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